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Sometime in the Near Future

Scientific breakthroughs and geopolitical conflicts have rocked the world these past few years. Fortunately, you have enjoyed a relatively peaceful life as of now, far away from trouble.

That is, until one particular morning, when someone decided to annoyingly knock at your door…

A Game Novel

Hummingbirds is an adventure/romance game novel for adults; you will create your character and control its actions in a realm ruled by money, danger, and seduction.

This game is distributed as a Web App; it is compatible with the browsers of any device (mobile or PC). Please visit the Instructions submenu of the Game Options for more information about this, including saving your game on Cloud Storage.

You may also change the appearance of the game and sound options in the Game Setting submenu.

Hummingbirdswas designed with the Twine engine (twinery.org), and is based upon the Sugarcube game format (by TM Edwards).


This game is solely intended for the entertainment of a mature audience; it contains graphic description of violence and sexual themes. By clicking on the following links, you confirm that you are authorized to access such material in your current location.

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