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Life is easy when one is a rich Lutecian aristocrat, comfortably lodged in a sumptuous mansion bordering the Imperial capital. However, that wouldn’t be accounting for jealous and ambitious family members, now set upon taking control of your inheritance.

Perfidiously drugged and magically transformed, you end up enrolled into the Secret Garden, a luxurious Guesthouse of the City of Lights. Now compelled to work as one of its many companions, you must nonetheless find a way to break this enchantment and regain your noble identity.

Will you manage to convince the Imperial Court about this treachery, or will you spend the rest of your life as a sexual retainer? 


  • A mature story-driven adventure set in the capital of the Lumerian Empire, filled with romance, betrayal, and plot twists.
  • Play as a man or woman; straight or queer.
  • Your choices will impact your reputation; assume the identity of a noble Paragon, or behave like a pragmatic Renegade.
  • No combat: the gameplay is centered around a real-time sexual encounters engine.
  • A wide cast of potential partners, each with their own preferences.
  • Designed for mobile devices, and powered by pure web technologies (HTML5, Javascript and WebGL).
  • No microtransactions, and no web connection required for the offline version!

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Published 88 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
AuthorLogan Scodini
GenreRole Playing
Average sessionA few minutes


Secret_Garden_2017.08.25_linux-x64.zip 122 MB
Secret_Garden_2017.08.25_mac-x64.zip 124 MB
Secret_Garden_2017.08.25_windows-x32.zip 110 MB
Secret_Garden_2017.08.25_windows-x64.zip 119 MB

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